All of our products can be made to any size !!

All of our wooden props come as a standard size, that we find suitable for newborns (that some times can be used for sitters depending on the prop), however if you are looking for a prop that will 'fit all', or a prop that you want to use for sitters/toddlers then we can make it to your specifications.

Here below to the left we have an example of a 'Traditional newborn bed' that has been used for a sitter by one of our photographers. The standard side for these beds are 48cm x 33cm. We had a photographer that wanted the same bed but as a bigger version of this for toddlers, that they needed for their 'Xmas sessions'. We increased the sizes to 70cm x 44cm and worked quite well as you can see in the pics below to the Right...

To this..

From this..

If you are interested in ordering a custom sized prop or require a bespoke prop then please contact us on our 'Contact Us' page.

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